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Another example is the Optimum Log - a cargo traffic optimization application. It is intended for work planning of automotive vehicle fleet in delivering various cargoes to the customers. The process of road route optimization is carried out based on cartographic data (road maps). In the route optimization task the number of available automobiles and trailers, client contracts, and many other factors are being taken into account. Available 'time windows' and other constraints are taken into account as well. This optimization program can handle dozens of various automobiles and trailers (and account for all their characteristics), as well as up to 500,000 contracts. For storing large data files the application can use, depending on the client's preference, the following database systems: BTrieve, Oracle, and MS SQL Server. For solving optimization problems for large volumes of transportation work, a separate optimizing server, which processes the orders sent from numerous client stations, can be used. This server has the capability of cargo traffic load distribution between several servers. In order to conduct search of optimal transportation routs on the map, a separate search server can be used as well. All the information about optimized routes and transportation tours obtained as a result of optimization are presented in a separate window on the map, as well as in the tabular format using convenient graphic user interface. Several large transportation companies successfully use this program.

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